What are good colors for kitchen cabinets?

Even when we are about to move forward with a huge project, this is still the number one question we are met with, sometimes days before we begin. It can be daunting because the color is truly what can make or break a kitchen renovation. Yet in honesty, it is a very simple answer: the best colors are going to unite what is going on in the kitchen. This is why you need to decide whether this is going to be a refresh to what already exists, or if you are prepared to overhaul a new theme.

If you are going to just be refreshing, neutral colors are going to be your best friends, with new trends being to add an accent color on the island, pantry, or that beautiful built-in by the dining room table. This way you have the ability to be a little creative without feeling obligated to change the floors, countertops, backsplash, etc. 

If you decide to overhaul, then just make sure you have a uniting theme throughout all different aspects of the kitchen. Pay attention to natural light and the overall tone you wish to accomplish, but if your heart is set on some fabulous teal you just fell in love with, then just make sure it’s balanced out with everything else.

What is the best color for kitchen cabinets?

The best colors will be neutrals of the white, gray and greige variety. Some of our fan favorites are going to be a broad spectrum across different paint brands, because the good news is, we at Resurrect Refinishing can match any off-white from any catalogue across the country. For whites we recommend:

  • BEHR Swiss Coffee
  • Sherwin Williams Perfect White
  • BEHR Bit of Sugar
  • Benjamin Moore Simply White
  • Sherwin Williams Incredible White

For grays you may want to consider:

  • BEHR Shark Fin
  • BEHR Natural Grey
  • Benjamin Moore Coventry Grey

Other than that, any accent colors you just want to make sure have a place in the kitchen. If it’s an accent, it needs to be strong enough to contrast on its own while still having a place. 

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet color for 2020?

The most popular kitchen colors we saw last year were whites, blacks, and navy blues. Black was definitely coming back, and nothing more fitting we found in several of our projects was Benjamin Moore’s “Black Beauty.” For whites, we noticed an increase in cool-toned whites. Cool tones are going to pair better with greys, silvers, and black. Cool-toned whites are what justify those silver bar handles you see in IKEA. A perfect example of this was BEHR’s “Frost” color, not too warm, not too cool, but if you’ve got stainless steel appliances you’ll definitely start noticing more grey. Alternatively, if you are wanting a warmer white, then Sherwin Williams “Perfect White,” has a charming rosy undertone and it’s what we personally use in our office.

Now tea greens and navy blues can be used as the primary color for a kitchen or the accent color. We have seen both types of customers attempting to recreate Julia Child’s sage tea green kitchen completely, or delicately nodding the culinary Queen with a quaint island. Many homes are already set up for warm-toned greens because there are already a lot of tans and off-whites existing in the walls, floors, and countertops. If you like green and want to update without overhauling, then a sage tea green would be a great alternatively to playing it safe with white. Navy Blue, however, is going to be more modern and will either need to be paired with a cool-toned white or grey as an accent, or, if you want the whole kitchen to be navy blue, then we advise you have the right flooring and countertops for that pair. Last year Benjamin Moore’s “Hale Navy” was incredibly popular and we continue to use it as one of our sample doors on estimates. 

What color kitchen cabinets are in style 2020?

In addition to the popular colors already mentioned, we found glazing to be incredibly stylish last year in 2020. Resurrect Wood Refinishing offers a wide variety of glaze colors and techniques and if there’s a specific style you want, just be sure to provide a photo in your in-person estimate. For 2020 “Neat Glazes” were very stylish. A neat glaze is when our technicians paint along the borders with a paint brush to give a great accent. Typically browns and greys are traditionally popular, but in 2020 we found metallic silvers and gold incredibly trending. Pair that BM “Hale Navy” with a neat gold glaze and you’ve got yourself a beautiful modern kitchen with an added twist. Blacks, Whites, and even that Sage Green would be perfect candidates for a metallic neat glaze. It’s the perfect style.

What is the best kitchen cabinet color for resale?

The best kitchen cabinet color for resale is going to be a neutral. Unfortunately, all of the creative flash and style is going to be a huge no-no if turning over a pretty penny is your end goal. The navy blues, tea greens, glazings–while all incredibly beautiful and stylish are going to be way too personal for a resale. You want to think of a blank canvas when you are refinishing your kitchen to help add value to your resale. Solid Whites or Greys will forever help achieve the goal of making your kitchen more attractive for realtors and their prospective clients. While your kitchen may have been filled with beautiful memories and exciting color choices, the kitchen must be re-designed to welcome a new homeowner, and unfortunately, they may not have a passion for Julia Child as you did. But rest assured, once you successfully sell that home, you can always hire us again to refinish your new kitchen into that perfect Sage Green. We can custom match your kitchen to match any memorable color your cherish.