Is It Expensive To Buy New Cabinet Doors?

Purchasing new cabinet doors is not as expensive as buying new cabinets altogether. If the existing cabinetry is a little outdated in style but made of solid wood, it would be much less expensive to buy new doors and refinish than to replace with a lower quality. Door replacement on solid wood adds more value to the home as well. If refinishing a kitchen is about ⅓ of the cost of purchasing and installing new cabinets, then buying new doors is going to be a little less than half the cost of new cabinets. Resurrect Wood Refinishing provides customers with a wide variety of styles and wood types, from traditional maple cabinet doors to sleek shaker style. Whatever the material your cabinetry is made of Oak, Maple, MDF, or laminate, we are able to provide top quality new cabinet doors with a fresh coat of stain or colored finish in any color you can dream up. This is a great way to rejuvenate the old cabinet boxes especially if they are structurally sound and there is no reason to rip out and replace completely. Replacing is always littered with dozens of unforeseen costs and expenses, not to mention long deadlines that don’t allow you to use your kitchen for weeks on end.

Can you purchase cabinet doors only?

Resurrect Wood Refinishing is able to provide customers with this option, but it isn’t recommended. New cabinet doors will stand out against cabinet boxes with an older finish. Even if the goal of a project is to purchase doors with a full overlay (that is, cabinet doors that leave less than a ¼ inch of the box face exposed) the end panels will still be exposed, revealing an outdated color that will not match the new doors accurately.

Is it easy to replace kitchen cabinet doors?

Replacing kitchen cabinet doors is a difficult endeavor that requires experience and preparation. Not only do measurements need to be accurate, but production of doors, their delivery, is a longer process now than pre pandemic. Installing as well takes time to determine whether or not they were measured correctly. Resurrect Wood Refinishing commits to an 8 week turnaround for any client interested in purchasing new doors to ensure all steps of this process. After the doors are hung, we then return a couple weeks later to refinish the new doors in addition to the cabinet boxes.

Replacing kitchen cabinet doors is skilled work, requiring precision measuring for both door size and hinge overlay and placement of hinge holes. It’s a three part measurement after the initial door measurement. Experience is key to avoiding long turnarounds and mistakes. Hanging new doors to fit the same hinge placement is a little more straightforward then converting everything to full overlay. Both processes require excellence in skill and mathematics. One wrong move could push the project back two weeks in order for the vendor to produce a new replacement door.

What is the difference between refinishing and refacing cabinets?

Refinishing is adding a new coat of finish to adhere to the existing finish. Water Based polycrylic finishes and water based lacquers are more advanced products than paint. It is thin, odorless, durable, and as close to a factory look as humanly possible. Refacing refers to either the purchasing of new doors or reapplying a new skin of laminate over a previous one.

Refacing in the sense of a new skin of laminate is a very expensive process and in many cases not worth the cost. Laminates on MDF boards are very cheap and it would be much better for the client to consider switching to new, solid wood doors than continue to maintain a product that is already poorly designed. Laminate is prone to peeling within 5-10 years of its shelf life under normal care and upkeep, but can deteriorate much more quickly in humid climates and in higher traffic areas.