Should I refinish my kitchen cabinets?

Should I refinish my kitchen cabinets?

Yes. We can start tomorrow. 

In all seriousness, it’s definitely been a trending renovation for several years now and a fantastic  question to ask whether you are wanting to update your existing dream home or resale your has-been home for a new will-be home. Are your old cabinets starting to fade in color? Are there sections that have peeled off or chipped? Do you just hate how that oak aged into orange? Then yes, you may very well be ready to start the process in thinking about refinishing your kitchen cabinets. The goal of refinishing is to help update your kitchen to as close to a factory finish as possible without the pain and aggravation and cost that comes with ripping out and buying new cabinets. It’s the best choice especially if your cabinets are in fantastic condition, despite the ugly color and blemishes. And we can help. From color selection to final touches, Resurrect Wood Refinishing can accomplish any dream you have when it comes to refinishing your kitchen.  If you are starting to ask that question then it is probably time to start.

Is it worth it to refinish kitchen cabinets?

Absolutely. Refinishing helps preserve what was already constructed, especially because more and more builder-grade cabinets are becoming incredibly cheap. Everything is becoming veneer and flat panels. Gone are the days of real maple wood or oak cabinets. Refinishing is something to absolutely consider in spite of ripping out and getting new cabinets, because not only is it cost effective but it also saves you time. Buying new cabinets can be up to a 2-3 month process, from the initial planning stages, to demolishing, construction, and final installation. All because you wanted to update the style? We don’t think it’s worth the time. Refinishing your cabinets can take a week at most and you can generally keep everything inside your cabinets. That alone is definitely a worthwhile decision because it will save you all of the pushed back deadlines. Is it worth it to be without your kitchen for 2-3 months or for just a few days? We think, especially if it’s only because you want a new color, that refinishing is the worthier option every single time. Unless, in the very rare instance, your entire cabinetry is disintegrating. Then we will be happy to provide you with new stylish doors alongside the new cabinet boxes!

Is it better to strip or sand kitchen cabinets?

Neither! Refinishing avoids sanding or stripping. Now, realistically, there are unfortunate situations that call for sanding, especially if you are wanting to refinish your kitchens. Many customers we’ve had in the past had a lot of latex paint gunked up on their cabinets. That will have to be sanded so that way the wood is prepped and ready to receive a new coat of finish. But that will only be sections as needed and never the entire kitchen cabinets. Sanding and stripping is just a tedious step for a less-than-desirable result. They are only suitable for painting which is not what we do. At Resurrect Wood Refinishing we are able to work with the existing finish without having to sand or strip the kitchen cabinets. Sanding and stripping also risks ruining the profile of any cabinet doors or added wood work like moulding or trim pieces. Plus you’re dealing with a lot of dust from sanding and toxic fumes from the stripping… It’s just not worth the risk and the only best choice is to either refinish or replace.

Is it better to paint or replace kitchen cabinets?

First off, there is a difference between painting and refinishing. Refinishing is working with the existing finish and using what is called a polyurethane acrylic, which is essentially re-engineered floor finish designed for your cabinets. It’s a water-based product so it’s eco-friendly and it’s very thin and completely odorless. It’s the best of latex paint and enamel paint. Latex paint is clean and odorless, but it’s rubber and cracks very easily. Enamel paint is stronger, but it’s toxic and cannot be sprayed to a smooth finish, and there will be an odor in your kitchen for at least 3-4 weeks after the project is complete. Refinishing takes the best traits of all of the paints without being paint. It adheres to the finish and will look factory finished. No streaks or heavy sections. Just smooth and beautiful.

Replacing cabinets are only recommended if your old wooden cabinets are damaged beyond repair or if they are laminate cabinets that are peeling. However, Resurrect Wood Refinishing does offer what we call Re-Door, and is recommended even on laminate cabinets. As long as the boxes are structurally sound, we can replace the peeled, damaged doors with nice wooden doors and then refinish them. But we never recommend painting as it will just ruin what is already existing and will most likely need to be repainted 2-4 years later due to cracks and peels.

What is the average cost to refinish kitchen cabinets?

The average cost to refinishing a kitchen will be about ⅓ of the price to replace cabinets completely. The value of refinishing goes up the larger the project is. Your $500 bathroom vanity may not be worth refinishing if it would only save you a few hundred bucks, but when you’re staring at your beautiful $30,000 maple wooden cabinets in the kitchen, then you may be incredibly surprised to know that we can refinish the whole thing for under $10,000. Plus it would only take about 4-5 business days unlike 2-3 months of replacing cabinets. And the best part is that refinishing will restore your cabinets to their former glory and increase their durability for years to come, to the point that if you sold your house, the new homeowners may not even be aware that you did refinish them at all.