Here at Resurrect we are committed to making your kitchen or wood project dreams come true! We have perfected a number of custom services that help punch up that new look and accent our artistic abilities that separate your project from a out of box factory installation. These are just a few of the services we are able to provide, for a full list schedule your free in home consultation.

Custom Glazing

custom counter glazing

Glazing is a great way to accent custom millwork or custom cabinets. Sky’s the limit with what we can do. Everything from just a nice neat gray accent in the beveling of your doors to a full body faux wood grain look. Glazing is ON TREND! This service is done by hand by our in house artist. Special attention to detail is taken with every piece

Opaque Cabinet Color Change

Opaque Cabinet Color Change

Want to change the color of your existing cabinets giving them a brand new makeover? An opaque color change consists of a custom pigment mixed in a poly acrylic custom finish, in absolutely ANY color of your choosing. It looks like paint, but performs like a polyurethane or oil enamel paint. This gives you all the durability available from a paint, but in a water thin product that is virtually odorless, water soluble and lays on so seamlessly your cabinets will have a factory finish look, as though they were always that color. This service is available to all cabinets of any type, size or material.

Glass Door Conversions

glass conversion

One of the easiest ways to brighten up builder grade cabinets and make it look like an expensive custom kitchen is to convert some of your upper doors to glass! Display your prettiest china or a treasured antique plate or souvenir, or simply install puck lights and upgrade to frosted glass to hide the mess in a beautiful glow brightening up a dark corner or breaking up a monotonous row of never ending doors.

Stain Color Change

stain color change

We provide a large amount of staining services, that include servicing of all types of wood and most non wood laminate surfaces inside or outside. This is a great option for enriching the beautiful wood work you already have without losing the natural grain or warmth of the original wood surface. Also a very coveted service for updating too warm or “oranging” aged finishes or outdated color schemes, we can just slightly shift the stain color in a cooler or warmer direction. Great candidates for the staining service are especially oak or unwanted “cherry” tones as the trends are demanding.

2-Tone Opaque Color Changes

This is a great way to punch up a look. Works great on Trim, Finials, Legs or other custom accents.

Hardware Changes

Tired of hearing your kids or roommates bang those cabinets closed? We’ve all been there! Upgrade to soft close hinges for a whole new experience.  

Traditional Refinish

Love your cabinets, and their color but the years have taken their toll? This service is for you. With the Traditional Refinish service we can bring brand new life to your cabinets in most cases in one day! This is an inexpensive alternative to a sand process refinish, we are able to reseal and recolor areas damaged by sunlight or water, and give the faces of the cabinets a brand new coat of finish. This is also a wonderful service for antiques or other treasured heirlooms.

Professional Interior Design Consultation

Don’t know what you want? Never watched a single HGTV show?  DIY is not your bag? This service is a steal! For a small fee we offer a 2 hour session with a professional interior designer with over 30 years in the business. Our designer is amazing with color and will help you get your desired look. Included with the consultation you will receive one complimentary sample door.