Pre-Work Information

degraide master tub

What to expect in the next few weeks:

  1. 10 business days before your project, please have your color finalized if you are still undecided. If the color is changed after this deadline, there is a $150 inventory charge.
  2. The Friday before we begin, you will receive a rough schedule of your project’s week. Please keep the entire week flexible in the unlikely event things change the day before.
  3. By Monday Morning, have everything prepared and ready for us to do our job. If your project involves hanging new doors, the drawer boxes and counters must be cleared completely before we hang up the doors.

Please take the time in the next couple of days to read through and understand the in-home preparation necessary to ensure we can meet your project’s deadline on time.

Make sure you are ready to live without your kitchen for the duration of the project (see pictures below for what that looks like). You may use your microwave or fridge outside working hours. Cooking in the kitchen is prohibited PER INSURANCE BYLAW as it is not only a fire hazard but a delay in the process. If there are any last minute questions, please relay them to your lead technician before or after the work day. They will be happy to address any concerns.

Our technicians take the highest standards of precaution to prevent it, but unfortunately, there will always still be a bit of dust. The best way to ensure a clean home is to limit entrances and exits into the work area as much as possible. If it has not already been discussed and offered to you, we supply a HEPA filtered 100sq ft per second, professional air scrubber you may rent to help eliminate mess and dust into duct work for one time fee of $200.00.

Flexibility in your schedule is paramount for a smooth operation. If, for any reason, you think you may have a hard deadline or too many commitments that prevent us from accessing the property, contact us immediately for a reschedule. There can be no other contractors during the week we are scheduled. If other contractors are present and prohibit our schedule, and we are forced to reschedule, there is a $500 inconvenience fee applied to the final bill.

Preparation of the work area to consider:

“When in doubt, clean it out.”

  • Everything in the cabinets have been pushed back at least 2 inches. I understand that the further back items are stored, the less likely they will get dust. I have removed items that I do not wish to risk getting dusty. I also understand that if my cabinets have pull out shelves blocking the face frame (the border where the cabinet door hangs), I am to have them removed before the technicians arrive.
  • All drawer boxes have been cleared out halfway. If my project involves hanging new drawer fronts, then they are to be completely empty.
  • I have removed medication that I require during the week.
  • Everything above the cabinets have been cleared off.
  • Everything on the countertops has been cleared off.
  • I have discussed waste disposal with my Salesperson.
  • Technicians will need to have access to a bathroom and water.
  • I have triple checked my schedule in making sure Resurrect Wood Refinishing will have no interruptions or conflicts with other vendors.
  • If I have pets and they are anxious and sensitive to a lot of commotion, I have prepared a safe place for them to be away from the job site. If my pets are calm with people, they have been told they will receive a lot of love from our technicians.
  • I am super excited to refinish my kitchen!