How long does it take to redo my cabinets?

Here at Resurrect we aim to resurrect them in three days (wink), but in most cases from start to finish is about 4-5 business days, while it could take up to two months to purchase and install new cabinets. We think refinishing is the best option when you want to “Redo” your cabinets. Installing new cabinets requires demolition, measurement, and installation, and lack of access to the premises for sometimes months. Refinishing, on the other hand, is not only cost effective, but can be a very quick and smooth process.

Refinishing your kitchen project can be summarized into three steps.

Step One is the masking stage. Our small, professional, cleancut and background checked crew will arrive onsite for the very first day of the project. The crew will mask off everything from your cabinet boxes to the countertops to the floors and walls. They will take down your cabinet doors and mask off the interior of the box. This will protect your space from overspray and will also allow you to keep most of your items inside the cabinet boxes.

Step Two will be to refinish (paint) the boxes. This is day two of the work week. A lead technician will arrive at your house, run a plastic curtain around the entire room and begin the process of refinishing. While this is happening, your doors and drawer fronts will also be worked on back at our facility, with the same refinishing that is happening with your boxes in your home.

Step Three in the final step a crew will return to your home for installation day. Every door and drawer front will be installed back in its original location. Every hinge, knob and handle will also be put back exactly where it was taken from. After which the crew will take down all masking, clean up any dust from painting and do a final check for touch up spots.

Why do kitchen renovations take so long?

A full kitchen renovation can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. It’s a long process because measurements must be made, approved, and double checked. The contractor then submits the blueprints to construction, and depending on their timeline will also affect your project’s. Then there will need to be a window for demolition, receiving the new cabinets, hanging them up, installing, and final adjustments. There are several vendors and teams involved with the process which not only affects the length of the process, but the budget. That is why we recommend refinishing.

Refinishing is a process of taking your existing cabinets and cleaning and prepping them to put a brand new finish, and even color on them, making them look brand new. This process takes much less time and is far less expensive than a full rebuild. The main reason people want to “change their cabinets” is usually because they don’t like the color. We have found that changing the tone can affect the entire space, which is why refinishing is a much more effective way of reaching the same end goal. The process is generally done in as little as three to five business days depending on the size. We guarantee a small, respectful, family-orientated work team.

How much does it cost to refinish cabinets?

To refinish your exciting cabinets will be around one third the cost of a complete remodel and build out of new cabinets. It will depend on the size of your kitchen or bathroom and how many doors and drawers you have. It could average anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars for smaller spaces, to upwards towards $10,000 or more for a larger kitchen. Remember, these numbers are reflective of the third of the value for your project. While a quote may be in the thousands, your existing cabinetry will most certainly be triple that cost and time to complete the work.

Resurrect Wood Refinishing offers free estimates and calculations to help plan your budget. Please keep in mind that while our prices are a little more expensive to a general painter’s quote, the end result is getting as close to a factory finish as possible, with the same durability and sleekness you would expect from buying new cabinets.

Refinishing is a great alternative to new cabinets because it tends to have the same effect as brand new cabinets, simply because our refinishing process changes the color but also looks like a factory finish no one would ever guess it was a refinish. Brand new look, for a third of the cost.
Is it better to refinish or replace kitchen cabinets?

The question of whether to refinish your cabinets or replace them is a pretty common one. Most people think that replacing their cabinets with brand new cabinets is the only way to achieve the fresh, new and professionally looking renovation for their kitchen. And with that mindset some people often spend much more money than they need to.

Having a professional and experienced company refinish your existing cabinets can be far less expensive, take much less time and still give you that brand new look you are hoping for. You could have your cabinets refinished with a new coat similar to what you are used to or change your colors altogether. It’s really entirely up to you.

If you are looking to redesign your space completely then it may be necessary to replace your cabinets and have new ones built. However if your existing cabinets are in good shape but you would like a new look for your kitchen, you could save time and money with refinishing.

Is it cheaper to refinish or replace kitchen cabinets?

It will be much cheaper to refinish your kitchen cabinets rather than replace them. To refinish your existing kitchen cabinets will be around one third the cost of a complete remodel and build out of new cabinets. The process of replacing will also take much more time than refinishing.

Refinishing or refacing your existing cabinets can be done in as little as a couple of days and in some cases you may not even have to clear your cabinets out for the work to be done. It is a much less invasive process and will have your kitchen looking brand new in a shorter time for much less money.