Does your company do work for the Theme parks and Hotel Resorts?

Resurrect Wood Refinishing is able to assist in any of the Central Florida theme parks, and hotels. Our wood refinishing services have been selected for several resorts and commercial venues in need of facelifts or creative restoration. Quality wood is expensive and requires a new coat of durable finish to withstand the high traffic of commercial spaces. According to Forbes magazine, a wooden countertop “will last around 20 years, which compares to other countertops like granite… but needs monthly resealing to have a long lifespan.” Whether it is a golf resort pro shop or themed hotel room, Resurrect Wood Refinishing has the flexibility and skill to work with commercial clients. Our services include color correction and re-application of finish, staining, glazing, distressing, and even changing the color completely if that is the goal of the project. 

Can RWR work around our business schedule?

Resurrect Wood Refinishing offers a free in-person estimate with the project manager. Samples of our work are provided as well as any credentials, licenses, insurances, and any other employee information requested. Off-season work is preferred for the best cure time of our refinishing product, but we are ready to be flexible for any last minute needs. 

Does RWR company offer an annual touch up service for Theme Parks and Hotel Resorts?

Yes! Resurrect Wood Refinishing uses a proprietary blend of a polyurethane acrylic. It is a custom wood finish that is tinted in-house for any stain or solid color. Since it is not available for purchase at retail, our company leaves the project manager with enough product for minor accidents or for future touch-up services. All information about the project is kept on file and can be accessed should new product be required.