Custom Glazing

custom kitchen cabinet glazing

Glazing is a great way to accent custom millwork or custom cabinets. Sky’s the limit with what we can do. Everything from just a nice neat gray accent in the beveling of your doors to a full body faux wood grain look. Glazing is ON TREND! This service is done by hand by our in house artist. Special attention to detail is taken with every piece.

custom cabinet glazing

What is Cabinet Glazing?

Cabinet glazing refers to the technique of applying a color accent onto a base color. It is typically applied by a hand, making it custom and unique in every project. Glazing is generally added to the millwork of cabinet doors, panels, crown molding–anything and everything with grooves, bevels, and intentional indentation. Glazing is a great way to personalize your cabinets and can accommodate many designs. Resurrect Wood Refinishing offers a custom glazing service that can be tweaked and adjusted to each client’s desired aesthetic. The three main styles we have been able to categorize are called Neat Glazing, Full Body Glazing, and Farmhouse Faux Grain Glazing. Neat Glazing or “Pin glaze / PinStripe Glaze” as some call it, is a technique where a technician uses a thin paint brush to add crisp, straight lines. It serves as a great way to accentuate shadows and profiles. Full Body Glazing is a wipe-on-wipe-off…

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