What is crown molding?

Crown molding is a decorated millwork piece that is typically installed above interior walls, windows, doors, and most importantly, cabinets. There are many different styles of it that can be used in almost any space. Originally, crown molding was designed to cover gaps between the ceiling and walls. It is commonly identified by its S-shaped profile.

In ancient history, crown molding was used primarily by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans as a status symbol in their stonework. They were frequently placed above noble homes, temples, and governmental buildings as decorative pieces. The stonework in crown molding for these buildings would help accentuate shadows, emphasizing borders between vertical and horizontal sections. This added height, depth, and richness to the buildings. 

Through generations this style of decoration has remained popular, especially since it has become more accessible than ancient times. Whether your design goal is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, Resurrect Wood Refinishing offers a variety of standard and custom crown molding to help “top off” your cabinetry. 

What is the difference between crown molding and trim?

Crown molding refers specifically to decorative trim that is added to the top portions of a cabinet, door frame, window sill, or interior wall. Like a crown on top of a king’s head, it is a beautiful opportunity to add flare and dimension, adding height by encouraging the viewer to look up.

Trim in its own sense is anything that covers up a seam or gap. For example, if a contractor added a veneer panel to a water damaged side of a cabinet, he would then apply a trim piece to the border to cover up any staples, gaps, and other small faults. 

Is crown molding Still in Style 2020?

Crown molding is still in fashion because it serves as a great last touch to any cabinet refinishing project. It adds dimension, heightens the space, and has enough flare to make any “builder grade” cabinets look valuable. Resurrect Wood Refinishing can provide any crown molding to fit any type of style. American or Victorian woodwork never goes out of style, but today’s craftsmen are always keeping up with the times and can provide custom crown molding to help accompany a mid-century shaker or flat panel cabinet door.

Does crown molding add value?

Yes, crown molding has always served as a decorative piece and because of that it adds value. Its very word implies regality. Regardless of which style you choose, any type of crown molding that is added on top of a cabinet will add the impression that those cabinets are higher quality than the standard. 

What rooms should have crown molding?

Crown molding adds a classic and formal flare to the room. It is best used in areas that are entertaining guests. That is why Resurrect Wood Refinishing always recommends crown molding to kitchen cabinets since that is typically where food is served. That’s not to say that the master bathroom should be neglected either. If the space is tall enough and there are upper cabinets, then crown molding should definitely be considered. What better way for the King and Queen of their home than to not have their own private, crowned cabinets?