Can Wood Ceilings Be Refinished?

Wood ceilings can certainly be refinished by Resurrect Wood Refinishing. We offer the same Traditional Refinishing, Color Change Refinishing, and Stain Refinishing services as we do with cabinetry. Like our standard practice, we are able to clean, prep, apply, and smooth out a new protective coat of finish, helping not only to cosmetically restore your ceiling, but to secure it from future accidents. Water damage is no problem as long as the source of the issue has been addressed and the surface is dry. Our technicians are able to blend accordingly to make bad spots disappear.

How do you refinish a wood panel ceiling?

Resurrect Wood Refinishing is able to refinish ceilings in a clean, effective, and on-time manner. Using scaffolding, our technicians go through every section of the ceiling, cleaning and preparing the surface as needed, with light sanding done to any spots that are rough from previous damage. The surrounding areas are masked and furniture that cannot be moved are covered in plastic. If cleaning is a big concern or if clients have asthmatic reactions to dust, Resurrect Wood Refinishing does offer an Air-Scrubber rental which is a HEPA filter designed for onsite construction work.

Once the surface is prepared, color correction is applied by fine paint brushes as needed. After that, the polyurethane acrylic is sprayed, which is either tinted with a stain or solid color finish as desired. Once the project is complete and the area is evenly refinished, Resurrect Wood Refinishing technicians take down all of the masking and clean up.

Most ceiling projects can be accomplished within a week depending on the workload. Feel free to inquire with us directly with any questions about scheduling.

Can you stain a wood ceiling?

Wood ceilings can certainly be stained in any shade darker than the existing color. Resurrect Wood Refinishing offers a polyurethane acrylic that has a tintable property to match any translucent stain. Whether the stain color is selected from our catalogue or there is a furniture piece you are wanting to match, we can do it!

How do you lighten dark wood ceilings?

Unfortunately, stained wood cannot be lightened without sanding. Resurrect Wood Refinishing does offer a “Faux Grain” technique that is both cost effective and holds incredible results without needing to sand. Instead of staining, we would select a solid color that replicates the lightness of the wood tone you are hoping for. We then spray several coats of stain to mimic texture with an added glaze technique if required. Resurrects team has tons of experience in color and design as well as a background in the Fine Arts, and is more than willing to experiment with creative ideas to help achieve any vision a client may have. We hope you will consider us for your next ceiling project.