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Are kitchen cabinets a good investment?

According to a 2022 research report by the Housing and Community Development department in Loudon County, Virginia, homeowners should take confidence in a 90% return on any investments made into home renovations if the home is sold within 3 years of the update. This 90% is an average based on the entire home, from patio repairs and new bathroom vanities, to floor installs and cabinet redesigns. Many reasons why homeowners should not expect a full return on investment (ROI) is based on the market value of the materials. For example, if a customer was persuaded to purchase a specific style of laminate cabinets that are incredibly popular, the product will most likely be overpriced due to demand. This renovation would increase the likelihood to sell as the National Association of Realtors reported in 2022 that ⅓ of buyers who purchased in 2021 decided to do so based on an already updated home, “looking to avoid renovations and problems.” 

Kitchen cabinets are a great investment before selling because the time and cost can be intimidating to new homebuyers. Having the work already completed makes the property desirable to purchase. A typical kitchen cabinet renovation can take up to 3-5 months depending on material availability and a laborer’s work schedule. This can be daunting for homeowners who are wanting to sell quickly. There are alternative methods like cabinet refinishing or installing new cabinet doors that can cut the time frame down from months to a single week. 

What is a good budget for kitchen cabinets?

The extent of the budget is dependent on what upgrades are sought for at the time of selling. For certain, whether the homeowner rips out and purchases new cabinets, or refinishes existing cabinets, they can expect a 90% return of investment. Any additional profit to that budget is based on creative decisions on how to approach investing into their kitchen cabinets. For example, refinishing existing kitchen cabinets to a popular color is ⅓ the cost of purchasing and installing new cabinets. The 90% ROI data is based on the assumption that the homeowner purchased new cabinets. As of this article, the general price range for a 10×10 MDF white kitchen cabinet design purchased at Big Box Home Improvements Stores is currently $15,000-$19,000 (White cabinets are most desired by potential homebuyers). When the homeowner sells the home, they should expect about $13,500-$17,100 in return. However, if the homeowner decides to refinish and improve the existing cabinets for ⅓ that cost ($5,100 – $6,460) the ROI has now increased since they paid less for the same end goal. They can expect a 165% ROI, profiting approximately $8,400-$11,286 when the home sells. 

It is obvious then that this is no longer a budget concern but a profitability strategy. If guaranteed a 90% ROI in whatever form of kitchen cabinet renovation, it only makes sense to pursue the service that is less cost effective yet yields the greatest profit margin. This is the benefit of kitchen cabinet refinishing. 

Why do kitchen cabinets cost so much?

Kitchen cabinets are expensive because of labor and material costs. Technicians require weeks for demolition, electrical, and installation. That service alone is expensive since it takes time and risks accidents and repairs. Kitchen cabinets themselves are expensive because they are highly coveted by both homeowners and potential homebuyers. Big Box Home Improvement stores have not only kept  the service high-valued, but have lowered the standards of the quality in craftsmanship. The solid wood cabinets that sold up to the early 2010’s, have now been replaced by MDF built cabinets, or even laminate. This allows these companies to make profit since they now have less production costs and can sell it for the same amount. Laminate and MDF are poor quality, risking peeling, chipping, and scarring due to normal wear and tear. There is little one can do to repair these faults since they are not real wood. Despite this, kitchen cabinets are currently being sold for $15,000-$19,000 for a 10×10 kitchen design.

Is it worth it to update kitchen before selling?

Since there is a 90% ROI and ⅓ increase in potential buyers, it is advisable to renovate the kitchen before selling. There are options available to cut down costs and time, and even opportunities to increase the return of investment. The 2022 Remodeling Impact Report by the National Association of Realtors concluded an average of 147% ROI for refinishing kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors, and even front doors. Homeowners can take confidence in any investment they make to the kitchen before selling.


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Does your company do work for the Theme parks and Hotel Resorts?

Resurrect Wood Refinishing is able to assist in any of the Central Florida theme parks, and hotels. Our wood refinishing services have been selected for several resorts and commercial venues in need of facelifts or creative restoration. Quality wood is expensive and requires a new coat of durable finish to withstand the high traffic of commercial spaces. According to Forbes magazine, a wooden countertop “will last around 20 years, which compares to other countertops like granite… but needs monthly resealing to have a long lifespan.” Whether it is a golf resort pro shop or themed hotel room, Resurrect Wood Refinishing has the flexibility and skill to work with commercial clients. Our services include color correction and re-application of finish, staining, glazing, distressing, and even changing the color completely if that is the goal of the project. 

Can RWR work around our business schedule?

Resurrect Wood Refinishing offers a free in-person estimate with the project manager. Samples of our work are provided as well as any credentials, licenses, insurances, and any other employee information requested. Off-season work is preferred for the best cure time of our refinishing product, but we are ready to be flexible for any last minute needs. 

Does RWR company offer an annual touch up service for Theme Parks and Hotel Resorts?

Yes! Resurrect Wood Refinishing uses a proprietary blend of a polyurethane acrylic. It is a custom wood finish that is tinted in-house for any stain or solid color. Since it is not available for purchase at retail, our company leaves the project manager with enough product for minor accidents or for future touch-up services. All information about the project is kept on file and can be accessed should new product be required.



Can You Fix Worn Spots on Kitchen Cabinets?

Resurrect Wood Refinishing is one of the only companies in the Central Florida area that is capable of a Original Finish Refinish. “Traditional Refinishing” is the process of fixing worn spots on stained wood without changing the color. This process can be applied to not only kitchen cabinets, but stairs, built-ins, vanities, front doors–anything and everything that is solid wood. Scuffs and marks are touched up with solid pigments, and faded finish can be resurrected.

The process requires attention to detail, an superior eye for color, artist brush technique, patience, and proper application, making Resurrect Wood Refinishing one of the only companies proud to offer such a service.

How do you fix discolored wood cabinets?

Traditional Refinishing begins with matching the right color. The product we use is a proprietary blend of water-based finishes, unlike varnishes or heavily pigmented stains that can be purchased at “Big Box” home improvement stores. This finish is tinted onsite and cannot be premixed since it must match the existing cabinetry. Understanding the perfect ratio between color pigments and solution conditioner is crucial. A stain mixture that is uneven can result in a painted look.

Once the stain has been created, the surface is then prepared through a process of cleaning, sanding, and Color-Correcting. Color-Correcting is addressing every little worn spot or chip with an artist brush and a tray of pigments. Harsh lines from discoloration are balanced out, disappearing completely once a new coat of stain is applied. 

How do you fix a chipped wood cabinet?

Besides discoloration, chipped spots are common during the lifetime of any kitchen cabinet. Whether it’s scratch marks from dogs or the accidental cooking catastrophe, Resurrect Wood Refinishing is capable of finding a solution. Most of the time these spots can be sanded out. However, if it’s an MDF surface that has been damaged, like a side panel veneer, our carpentry department is capable of cutting a new piece of ¼ inch wood veneer to cover up the issue. It is important for any technician to understand what is veneer and what is solid wood. If a chip on a veneer is sanded, the damage can become irreparable once the MDF underneath has been breached. 

Can you Stain veneer wood?

Once the custom veneer is installed, it is then stained to match the rest of the kitchen. Our product allows the wood grain to remain visible. Our color balancing and toning will make it the perfect color for your home.

What color kitchens are in for 2023?

In the New Year, we connected with our top experts and trusted home stylists and interior designers, to ask what they see the industry color trends are bending toward for 2023. They are predicting a continuation of the deep slate and navy blues, along with the emerald green accent colors from last year. We are seeing these paired mainly with neutral beige, camel and gray tones. “Greige” though leaning more and more warm for 2023 in comparison to the 2021 more neutral and cool trends of gray. Homeowners are continuing to add a pop of color on their kitchen island, or hood range, or even experimenting with the upper cabinets as being a different color on the same palette than the lowers. The goal with kitchen colors this year is to continue keeping the space open, warm, and inviting with an off white or “greige” (a gray color that has warm tones in it like browns or beiges). A teal blue or sage green accent section or island can compliment a calming space with a fun pop of color to energize without interrupting the overall vision for the kitchen. 

Are white kitchens out of style 2023?

White kitchen cabinets continue to stay in style for 2023, but leaning much more on the creamy and off whites and away from vibrant whites. White kitchen cabinets help brighten up a space and create a more open feel if the floor plan is tight. Some home floor plans, can design the  kitchen in the center of a home away from windows. A solid white cabinet color is a welcoming contrast to the stained wood fashions of the early 2000’s. Homeowners who are hesitant of going all white can play with a two-tone look, or should consider an off white color to compliment whatever cool or warm tones they are trying to accomplish. 

Forbes magazine is hoping that this year, the homeowners will consider taking risks with darker colors like blacks, greens, and merlots, believing that the richness of those colors will bring more personality to the space. We love to create outside the box, and it’s not for every home, but those who have massive kitchens that overwhelm, these colors can really help cozy up the space.

What color kitchen has the best resale value?

White colored kitchens have the best resale value as they are the most versatile color when trying to sell a home, particularly in the Central Florida market. The color cuts away any personality that may clash with potential buyers and allows them to easily slip in their own imagination of living in the space. White kitchen cabinets are clean, bright, and modern, remaining a staple choice if someone is unsure how to update their kitchen space. 

What countertops are in style 2023?

Quartz countertops remain the popular choice going into 2023. The custom colors and veins that can be added to the stone are a terrific way of rethinking introducing colors to the kitchen. The stone is incredibly durable and doesn’t stain like marble. They’re built to last for years and can be recyclable when it’s time to change them out. Resurrect Wood Refinishing is proud to custom glaze kitchen cabinets to match any vein or countertop stone. 



How much does it cost to refinish a cabinet?

Refinishing kitchen cabinets is aimed to be one third the cost of purchasing and installing new kitchen cabinets. Refinishing kitchen cabinets is becoming a much more valuable option than purchasing new cabinets, especially since many of the products sold in Big Box Home Improvement stores today are made of veneer, MDF, or laminate.  Resurrect Wood Refinishing provides free, in-person estimates. 

Can I refinish cabinets myself?

Refinishing kitchen cabinets is not an easy endeavor despite what many Do-it-Yourself blogs try to advocate. Resurrect Wood Refinishing has had several jobs in the past year which focused on fixing unfortunate mistakes by the homeowners who were misled by an online video. Experimenting and understanding the product takes time, and the technique to apply a factory finish requires equipment most homeowners do not have access to. It is not recommended that kitchen cabinets be refinished by yourself. 

Is it cheaper to paint or refinish kitchen cabinets?

It is cheaper to paint kitchen cabinets because the product is low quality. Refinishing cabinets uses high quality water-based finish that is designed to last for the lifetime of the cabinets. Many paint products advertised for cabinets are heavily glossed and always chip and peel in just a few years. 

What is the fastest way to refinish cabinets?

The fastest way to refinish kitchen cabinets is to call Resurrect Wood Refinishing at (407) 744-3568. Their hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Most kitchen cabinets can be refinished in as few as three to four business days. The homeowner can keep the majority of their items in the cabinet for fast clean up and can expect their kitchen ready for use once installation is complete. 



What is the cheapest quality kitchen cabinet?

In most cases, inexpensive kitchen cabinets are going to be made out of MDF with a veneer covering. MDF is made out of shredded pieces of wood that have been glued together and pressed to create a solid board. It is then covered in a paper veneer piece. Some are made with wood veneer,which is a thinly sliced piece of wood board which can be made out of any wood like oak, maple, pine, etc. These types of cabinets are commonly sold in Big Box Home Improvement stores and are advertised as plywood or veneer wood. 

The second type of low quality kitchen cabinets is going to be laminate and thermofoil. Laminate and thermofoil cabinets are made out of a plastic like material similar to non stone counter tops. The difference in their name is because of the technique used to create them. They are composed of an MDF material as well, but instead of a veneer coating, Laminate cabinets have a plastic coating that is glued on. Thermofoil cabinets use a similar plastic coating, except it is heated at a high temperature and wrapped around the MDF board, making them a little more durable than standard laminate cabinets, and allowing for bevels and more interesting profiles than just a slab style cabinet door.

These cabinets are not necessarily the least expensive in price, which is why it is all the more reason to consider refinishing existing kitchen cabinets. Solid wood cabinets are becoming very rare in newly constructed homes. Please consider saving your cabinets. Even if you hate the style, the doors can be changed to something in a completely new style and you could save the solid wood boxes and frames from a landfill and from you needing new cabinets again in just five years from MDF wearing out.

What is the most durable material for kitchen cabinets?

The most durable material for kitchen cabinets is solid wood. According to a research paper done by Oregon State, wood “is a natural polymer consisting primarily of cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin in a matrix that provides structural support to the living tree and some resistance against microbial attack.” These cell walls are incredibly tough and remain bonded even when the tree is cut. This bonding makes wood durable for furniture use and has a natural resistance to decay under normal circumstances.  

What is the average life of kitchen cabinets?

The average lifespan of kitchen cabinets made of natural wood is a minimum of 30 years. Consistent cleaning and the occasional restoration and refinishing of wooden cabinets can expand their life into multiple generations. Unfortunately, the average lifespan of cheaper materials like laminate and veneer cabinets are only about 5-10 years. Normal use wears down the thin layer of veneer that covers the MDF underneath, and frequent exposure to steam and humidity can unglue the laminate. 

What kind of kitchen cabinets are easiest to clean?

Laminate and thermofoil cabinets are advertised as being the easiest to clean because they are made of plastic. However, Resurrect Wood Refinishing uses a final clear coat that is just as effective in making cleaning quick and easy. The product Resurrect Wood Refinishing uses for kitchen cabinets allows homeowners to wipe surfaces down with a damp microfiber and a small dose of mild dish detergent. 

Turning Laminate Cabinets into Stained Wood

Laminate kitchen cabinets have often been a problem when a client is wanting to introduce a wood stained look. That plastic thermofoil white, common to most Florida homes, prevents anything else but a solid colored finish because of the material. It is even more frustrating when the cabinetry is in great condition, yet every option seems to point to an expensive demolition and re-installation. HGTV reported that last year the cost of just raw wood cabinets–not the labor, hardware, or coloring–ranged between $500-$1,200 per linear foot. The average turnaround for a kitchen cabinet project is about four to six months, and without any access to cooking for the majority of the time, that becomes quite a lot for just a colored stain. 

Resurrect Wood Refinishing is capable of imitating a stain appearance for any laminate cabinetry that is in good condition. How? Call now and ask about faux grain finishing!

Are the cabinets laminate or wood?

Identifying the material of existing cabinetry is important in understanding the value from a project investment standpoint. The cost of a laminate wrapped MDF cabinet is going to be different than the price of a solid cabinet made from walnut or maple. Typically, thermofoil and laminate cabinets are the cheapest, especially when purchasing from Big Box Home Improvement Stores. To date, a laminate bathroom vanity is going to be about $130-$175 while one constructed of maple (Just the doors and face) is going to be closer to $600-$800.  That is a significant jump in cost if the goal of the project is to simply introduce a stained look into the room. 

A cabinet constructed of laminate is always going to be smooth. It will look and feel like plastic and won’t have any wood grain. If damaged, it will peel or chip off from the MDF plywood underneath. A representative of Resurrect Wood Refinishing is able to provide a free estimate for clients who are unsure.

What if the laminate on the cabinet is peeling on the side or toe kicks?

Thankfully, most peeling is a cosmetic fault from wear, humidity, cooking, or light water damage, and can be easily repairable during a transition from a solid color to a stained wood. These are not indicators of structural damage and there is no reason for demolishing and purchasing new cabinets. 

Resurrect Wood Refinishing is able to fix the sides of the cabinets, the toe kicks, and any other accessory pieces like crown molding, matching them to the new overhaul of a stained look. If any of the doors are damaged, new doors may need to be considered if the budget allows for it. The turnaround time and cost is at least half the price of new cabinets and options can be provided upon request.

What techniques does Resurrect Wood Refinishing offer for a stained wood look?

Resurrect Wood Refinishing is able to meet any color request since the product applied is custom tinted. Techniques range from a solid color to stain or faux graining painting techniques. Ever wonder how TV sets are built so quickly with all those wood finishes? They aren’t real wood, they are very skilled artists. We have one of those! Any wood can be replicated in this technique, making laminate cabinets look like a red-toned Maple to a cool, espresso colored Walnut. Please check the portfolio on the main page for more examples or reach out to a representative at (407) 744-3568.