Can You Fix Worn Spots on Kitchen Cabinets?

Resurrect Wood Refinishing is one of the only companies in the Central Florida area that is capable of a Original Finish Refinish. “Traditional Refinishing” is the process of fixing worn spots on stained wood without changing the color. This process can be applied to not only kitchen cabinets, but stairs, built-ins, vanities, front doors–anything and everything that is solid wood. Scuffs and marks are touched up with solid pigments, and faded finish can be resurrected.

The process requires attention to detail, an superior eye for color, artist brush technique, patience, and proper application, making Resurrect Wood Refinishing one of the only companies proud to offer such a service.

How do you fix discolored wood cabinets?

Traditional Refinishing begins with matching the right color. The product we use is a proprietary blend of water-based finishes, unlike varnishes or heavily pigmented stains that can be purchased at “Big Box” home improvement stores. This finish is tinted onsite and cannot be premixed since it must match the existing cabinetry. Understanding the perfect ratio between color pigments and solution conditioner is crucial. A stain mixture that is uneven can result in a painted look.

Once the stain has been created, the surface is then prepared through a process of cleaning, sanding, and Color-Correcting. Color-Correcting is addressing every little worn spot or chip with an artist brush and a tray of pigments. Harsh lines from discoloration are balanced out, disappearing completely once a new coat of stain is applied. 

How do you fix a chipped wood cabinet?

Besides discoloration, chipped spots are common during the lifetime of any kitchen cabinet. Whether it’s scratch marks from dogs or the accidental cooking catastrophe, Resurrect Wood Refinishing is capable of finding a solution. Most of the time these spots can be sanded out. However, if it’s an MDF surface that has been damaged, like a side panel veneer, our carpentry department is capable of cutting a new piece of ¼ inch wood veneer to cover up the issue. It is important for any technician to understand what is veneer and what is solid wood. If a chip on a veneer is sanded, the damage can become irreparable once the MDF underneath has been breached. 

Can you Stain veneer wood?

Once the custom veneer is installed, it is then stained to match the rest of the kitchen. Our product allows the wood grain to remain visible. Our color balancing and toning will make it the perfect color for your home.