Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing helps preserve what was already constructed, especially because more and more builder-grade cabinets are becoming incredibly cheap. Everything is becoming veneer and  panels. Gone are the days of real maple wood or oak cabinets. Refinishing is something to absolutely consider in spite of ripping out and getting new cabinets if you have real wood, because not only is it cost effective but it also saves you time. Buying new cabinets can be up to a 2-3 month process, from the initial planning stages, to demolishing, construction, and final installation. All because you wanted to update the style? We don’t think it’s worth the time. Refinishing your cabinets can take a week at most and you can generally keep everything inside your cabinets. That alone is definitely a worthwhile decision because it will save you all of the pushed back deadlines. Is it worth it to be without your kitchen for 2-3 months or for just a few days? We think, especially if it’s only because you want a new color, that refinishing is the worthier option every single time. Unless, in the very rare instance, your entire cabinetry is disintegrating. Then we will be happy to provide you with new stylish doors alongside the new cabinet boxes!

Refinishing Vs Painting

What is the difference in refinishing vs having your cabinets painted? Number one is durability. We use a polyurethane acrylic re engineered floor finish that is nearly water thin. It will lay on your surface so dense in color and thin in material that this process will look like a factory finish. Its durability is far superior to paint, that will likely need to be redone in a couple short years. Paint will always look like paint. Refinishing will truly look like brand new cabinets.

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