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About our company

Our expert team can help you with your Kitchen remodel. We have solutions that save thousands, take less time, and less disruption to your family’s life. You shouldn’t have to move out just to get your kitchen redone. We can help you choose the right solution and get exactly what you want. At an affordable price, call today!

Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing helps preserve what was already constructed, especially because more and more builder-grade cabinets are becoming incredibly cheap. Everything is becoming veneer and  panels. Gone are the days of real maple wood or oak cabinets. Refinishing is something to absolutely consider in spite of ripping out and getting new cabinets if you have real wood, because not only is it cost effective but it also saves you time. Buying new cabinets can be up to a 2-3 month process, from the initial planning stages, to demolishing, construction, and final installation. All because you wanted to update the style? We don’t think it’s worth the time. 

Cabinet Staining

We provide a large amount of staining services, that include servicing of all types of wood and most non wood laminate surfaces inside or outside. This is a great option for enriching the beautiful wood work you already have without losing the natural grain or warmth of the original wood surface. Also a very coveted service for updating too warm or “oranging” aged finishes or outdated color schemes, we can just slightly shift the stain color in a cooler or warmer direction. 

Wood Glazing

Glazing is a great way to accent custom millwork or custom cabinets. Sky’s the limit with what we can do. Everything from just a nice neat gray accent in the beveling of your doors to a full body faux wood grain look. Glazing is ON TREND! This service is done by hand by our in house artist. Special attention to detail is taken with every piece.

Cabinet Redooring

What is “redooring”? Our redoor service is the most cost effective way to really change the whole face of your kitchen or bathroom without tearing out and buying new. This service enables us to keep your existing boxes on your walls and simply order new doors in the desired look. This service provides not just a different style of door, but our highly skilled technician can measure for full overlay ( completely covering your box face, most popular in shaker style) so no need to limit yourself to stay with your oak grain if you are looking for maple.

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